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Customs registration

Customs Clearance and Export-Import Transactions
The Company renders the following complex customs clearance services in Almaty city:  
- calculation of duty rates, customs fees, taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget, HS code determination, determining of country of origin of goods and other;  
- hard and soft copies execution of the customs entry forms and other customs documents (CCD, DCD, CVD, CVA, and etc.);
- full import and export customs clearance upon client`s request;  
- development of best schemes for goods customs clearance;
- obtaining of approvals from the customs authorities of the RoK (including registration of the external economic activity’s participant, preliminary customs classification decisions, etc.);  
- consulting services on the effective Customs Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Export and import transactions
Being a participant of the external economic activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan, for convenience and better client servicing purposes, our company has currently introduced a new service on export-import transactions within Kazakhstan.
The company renders additional services, such as: search for necessary equipment, materials, raw materials and other products in the countries of America, Europe, the CIS, Central and South East Asia; conclusion of contracts on their delivery in/from the Republic Kazakhstan; customs clearance of incoming (outgoing) shipments, payment to the Republican budget of all necessary taxes, duties and customs charges under the Kazakhstani legislation; and transfer of goods released for free circulation to the client.
This allows to offer our clients a "door to door" service accompanied with all necessary options, namely: search for goods, conclusion of the relevant delivery contract, payment for goods, insurance and cargo transportation to the destination, deliverable goods quality and quantity assurance, customs formalities at the departure and destination points, as well as payment of all necessary taxes, duties and settlement of customs procedures.
Customs registration peculiarities:
One of the basic problems connected with registration of the customs declaration are terms of consideration of documents. Thereof it is necessary for Clients to consider that fact, that on registration and release of the customs declaration according to Laws KZ it is necessary about 1-3 working days from date of granting of a full package of documents, and as payments of all taxes and duties on the given goods.

The second important point at customs registration of cargo is a big package of documents which it is necessary to give according to Law KZ in customs bodies, at giving of documents on registration of the customs declaration. Thereof, our company beforehand informs all clients the full list of all documents necessary for timely registration of cargo and release of the goods in the free reference.
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