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Road transportation

Company "M-Spedition" offers the following road transportation services which meet the highest requirements of each our client:

International Road Transportation
- Transportation (FTL) by separate vehicles from Europe (France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey and other) to the CIS countries and Central Asia (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, China), and backward from the countries of Central Asia to Eastern and Western Europe as well as to the Middle East;
- Consolidated (LTL) transportations from the Western and Eastern European countries to Central Asia through intransit depots in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. Our company also provides export cargo handling services in the EU states;
- Consolidated transportation cargo from China to Kazakhstan (Almaty) through a transit warehouse in Urumqi. Services in export registration of cargoes in China;
- Transportation of dangerous cargos (ADR), and temperature sensitive freight;
- Carriage of out-of-gauge cargoes (direct truck, truck + truck, truck + railway) along with development of the load diagrams and securement schemes;
- Cargo packing and repacking;
- Freight tracking.

Domestic Road Transportation
- Road freight transportation within Almaty city and Almaty oblast. For such services, we use the fleet of trucks with loading capacity of from 1.5 ton (Gazel) to 10-20 tons (Scania) and body space of from 10 to 89 cubic meters. For cost of these services please see our price list;
- Loader services (cargo handling) in course of domestic cargo delivery within Almaty city. In such case, it is possible to deliver to the site and use walk behind forklifts as well as palette jacks allowing for loading and unloading of heavy lifts (up to 2 tons) inside the premises;
- Sending consolidated cargo on the route through the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan (door to door).
- Cargo consolidation is performed at the Company`s warehouse in Almaty city. If appropriate, packing / repacking service is additionally provided.
Road transportation peculiarities:
One of the key advantages of this transportation mode is the possibility of door-to-door delivery. Another plus of the road transportation is its multifunctionality. To deliver the freight, our client may choose the vehicle which is the most convenient by carrying capacity, volume and loading method.

The main shortcoming is, first of all, its constantly varying cost. Most commonly, changes are caused by rise in petrol price. Another important disadvantage of the road haulage is the human factor. A driver can be late, can lose its way, or be penalized for traffic regulation inobservance or lack of accompanying documents properly executed. This list can be added by the impossibility of delivery due to weather conditions such as glaze, blizzard or low visibility.
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