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Railway transportation

Container and Railwagon Transportation

Our company renders the following range of railway services all by maintaining high quality of service, working efficiency and competency:
- Tariff setting;
- Railway service arrangement and cargo escorting (railcars, RTC, etc);
- Container transportation arrangement from the countries of South East Asia. Consolidated rail transportation cargo from China in Republic of Kazakhstan. Terms of delivery consolidated cargo to r.w. st. Almaty-1 - aprox. 35-45 days;
- Possibility to pay for sea freight and charges at the ports of Europe and Asia;
- Railway tariff payment throughout the CIS territories and the Baltics;
- Arranging of cargo protection along the whole route;
- Arranging of the shipping documentation including export customs clearance;
- Marketing and legal support of the projects.

Railway Mail Services
Our Company is continuously developing quality of railway transportation and, currently, is introducing convenient services for delivery of bulky parcel post via railway within the Republic of Kazakhstan.
This system has the following advantages over air airfreight operations and consolidated transportation:
- Possibility of priority shipment;  
- Acceptance and door-to-door delivery of bulky parcel post;  
- Best time of small consignment delivery to any region of Kazakhstan during 5-7 days depending on the season.
Railway transportation peculiarities:
This type of transportation can be used for bulky cargo delivery which is difficult to fulfil using other modes. Its disadvantage is presented by the fact that railway transportation can be performed only via certain route having trunk railroads. Such spatial delimitation is a negative side of using the railway transport.

One of the conveniences is the possibility to transport containers that allows saving costs of warehouse renting. Containers are convenient since the cargo contents cannot be accessed to. That expels the possibility of theft during the cargo transportation or storage. If a container needs to be reloaded, unloading and transfer procedures can be performed in matter of minutes. Its shortcoming is the exclusive standards for railway equipment which often falls short. In addition, some ports and railway stations do not have special cranes which fact also contributes to the difficulties of reloading.
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