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Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation is a step-by-step delivery using several modes of transport (road + railway, air + road, air + railway, etc.). In the meantime, railway, road and air modes can be combined in different ways. Presently, this type of transportation services is the most convenient and widespread in terms of delivery of big volume and heavy weight cargoes for mean and long distances. The main value of multimodal transportation is its outmost use of advantages of various transportation modes due to their proper combination.

Multimodal transportation provides for the opportunity of more flexible and effective selection of the route and used transport means depending on what is more important for a freight owner or consignee. The selection can be influenced by such parameters of delivery as speed and cost, guarantee that cargo will get through a certain country or pass its customs stations, maximum loading of the vehicle space and other. Multimodal transportation allows choosing the combination which meets the client's objective best of all.

The company delivers cargo from Western Europe to the CIS countries through transloading terminals at the borders of the EU and the CIS. These terminals are used for cargo reloading from trucks to railcars and containers.

Reloading is constantly monitored at such terminals, and wagons are timely provided for loading.

We also render surveyor services, photos of freight that arrived or was already transferred; we attach necessary locking and sealing devices.

We trace loaded wagons or containers during the whole route with indication of the approximate arrival date.
Multimodal transportation peculiarities:
The key advantage of this mode is cargo delivery cost reduction in comparison with road haulage - by 20-30%.

Using the multimodal cargo delivery scheme, the parties should take into consideration the possibility of misalignment between different modes of transport.

The low speed of cargo delivery can also be attributed to the multimodal transportation disadvantages. That is specifically expressed in course of long-distance transportation.
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